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A number of incentives and funding support options exist for establishing or moving a business to Magenta. This assistance can come in the form of grants, special / conditional loans, sector specific funding, tax and business rate reductions. Support is available for employment and training including wage subsidies, recruitment assistance and upskilling of staff.

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Regional Selective Assistance

Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) is a discretionary grant available for businesses who want to develop a project in Scotland.

The amount offered depends upon:

· The size of your business
· The location of the project
· Scottish Enterprise’s assessment of how much is needed for the project to go ahead

You can apply whether your business is based in Scotland or not – although the project must take place in Scotland. The project should also involve some capital investment and must directly result in the creation or safeguarding of jobs in Scotland.

Large businesses will only be eligible if the project involves diversification at an existing location or new activity taking place on a new site.

RSA is available to limited companies, sole traders or partnerships. To qualify, your project must meet certain criteria and the amount of grant available depends on Scottish Enterprise’s assessment of a number of factors. The grant is discretionary and the level offered (within EC limits) will depend on Scottish Enterprise’s assessment of how much is needed to make the project go ahead. For projects that require significant investment in capital expenditure, RSA can provide assistance under Aid for Initial Investment.

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Useful Websites

Clyde Gateway

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Development International

Skills Development Scotland

South Lanarkshire Council

Glasgow City Council

The University of Glasgow

University of Strathclyde

Glasgow Caledonian University

City of Glasgow College

South Lanarkshire College

£57.8 million

of RSA was awarded in 2015

8,991 JOBS

created or safeguarded across

121 companies